Drew Leary, Stunt PerformerDrew Leary, Stunt PerformerDrew Leary, Stunt PerformerDrew Leary, Stunt Performer
SAG / AFTRA   Ht. 5'11" Wt. 175 lbs
(973) 222-6403   Hair - Br. Eyes - Br./Grn.


Wolf of Wall Street Fall, Water Blaise Corrigan
Run All Night Driving Doug Coleman, Mark Vanselow
Beware the Night Knife Fight, Fall George Aguilar
Amazing Spiderman 2 Fall James Armstrong
Winter's Tale Sword Fight, Driving Doug Coleman
Noah Falls, Fight Stephen Pope, Doug Crosby
Men In Black III Ratchet Wade Eastwood, Simon Crane
Person Of Interest (9 Eps) Stair fall, Fights, Falls, Guns Jeff Gibson
The Normal Heart Fall Stephen Pope
Birdman Flying Stephen Pope
Bored to Death Sword Choreography Pete Bucossi
Premium Rush Driving / Car Avoid Stephen Pope, Jill Brown
Smurfs Double: Neil Patrick Harris George Aguilar, Jeff Gibson
Limitless Double: Bradley Cooper Jeff Gibson
Salt Unarmed Fight / Fall Wade Eastwood, Simon Crane 
I Am Legend Creature Movement / Parkour / Falls Vic Armstrong
Zombieland Driving / Falls / Climbing George Aguilar, Stephen Pope,
Boardwalk Empire (4 Eps) Fights / Guns Stephen Pope
Now You See Me Driving Stephen Pope
Blue Bloods (4 Ep) Falls Cort Hessler, Roy Farfel
Blacklist Utility Cort Hessler
Unforgettable Fall Cort Hessler
The Following Swat Tim Gallin
Made in Jersey Car Hit Blaise Corrigan
House of Cards (2 Eps) Unarmed Fight Blaise Corrigan
The Americans (4 Eps) Unarmed / Knife Fights Fernando Chien
The Bounty Hunter Unarmed Fight Pete Bucossi
Remember Me Unarmed Fight George Aguilar
The 2-2 (4 Eps) Driving / Falls / Climbing Stephen Pope
Kings (6 Episodes) Tank Riding / Squibs / Gun Work / Knife Blaise Corrigan
Leatherheads Unarmed Fight / Table Fall George Aguilar
The International Police Action George Aguilar
Choose Full Body Burn / Falls Blaise Corrigan
Indiana Jones IV Car Avoids Gary Powell
Across The Universe Riot / Police Action George Aguilar, Stephen Pope
New Amsterdam Sword Fight Stephen Pope
30 Rock (2 Episodes) Tackle / Fire Safety Blaise Corrigan
What Happens In Vegas Hit and Fall Blaise Corrigan
The Knick Riot Manny Siviero
The Men Who Stare At Goats Falls Jeff Gibson
Arbitrage Driving Jeff Gibson
White Collar (2 Eps) Sword Fight Choreography, Gun Work Pete Bucossi
Cymbeline Driving, Gunshot Manny Siverio
David Letterman Fall Jery Hewitt
Jimmy Fallon (2 Eps) Fall Pete Klein
Running Wilde Sword Tech Pete Bucossi
Law and Order Unarmed Fight Jery Hewitt
Law and Order: SVU Unarmed Fight Jery Hewitt
Sundowning Height Manny Siverio
Treasure Island Sword Fights / Falls / Underwater Manny Siverio
Ugly Betty (2 Episodes) Falls / Safety Manny Siverio
Grand Theft Auto V Fights, Falls Manny Siverio
LA Noir (Video Game) Motion Capture Manny Siverio
Homefront (Video Game) Motion Capture Manny Siverio
The Next Three Days Falls Manny Siverio
Revenge for Jolly Fall, Gunshot Manny Siverio
How To Make It In America Car work Manny Siverio
Impt Things of Dimitri Martin Fall / Belly Flop Manny Siverio / Roy Farfel
Brotherhood Fence Climb / Tackle Wade Allen
27 Dresses Fall Safety Steve Ritzi
John Adams Ship Climbing / Explosions / Falls Branko Racki
For One More Day Baseball Collision Stephen Pope
Gotham Driving Blaise Corrigan
Wedding Daze Window Break Blaise Corrigan
Saturday Night Live Basketball Collision Brian Smyj
Zip Car Car Work Drew Leary
Adventures of Robin Hood Sword Fights / Horse Work / Knife Dan ODriscoll


Performance Driving (Drivers East), Fire Burns, Sword Work, Rapier and Dagger, Broadsword, Quarterstaff, Small Sword, Knife Fighting, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Skiing, Swimming, Juggling, Horseback Riding